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EO Design Group

/small but mighty


We are a digital design and corporate application studio.

  • web design.

    A team of expert designers and developers with 20+ years of experience creating custom websites tailored to your needs.

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  • brand identity.

    Our team specializes in creating a consistent and professional brand image through expert design and marketing materials.

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  • corporate apps.

    We design custom web apps to streamline workflows, centralize information to simplify internal processes.

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We believe in
acccessibility for all.

We're committed to creating a more accessible online experience that caters to all users. By following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), we simplify access to information and services for people with visual, auditory, mobile, and tactile disabilities.

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Our Team

Over 70 years
of combined real-world

  • Luis Eguiluz

    Web Architect / Owner

    Web/Corporate App Development,
    UI/UX & Database Design

  • Kerri Kugler

    Creative Director

    Corporate Branding
    & Graphic/Web Design

  • Denise Suria

    Front-End Web Developer

    Web & Content

  • Lily Wu

    Junior Web Designer

    Graphic/Web Design
    & Branding

Reach your customers both online and offline with our expert web and branding solutions.

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