How it Works

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Our step-by-step guide to how your web or graphic design project is developed
from start to finish.

Step 1 - The Analysis

Initial Contact

You make the initial contact by requesting a quote for your graphic design or web design project.

One of our team members will contact you to get additional information that may be needed in order to create a quote,
based on your needs and requirements. We will send you the quote in the form of a proposal that will define the scope
of the work, as well as the total fee and payment arrangements.

The Questions

As you review the proposal you may have questions, which we would be more then happy to answer,
to ensure that you make an informed decision.

The Decision

Based on your review of the proposal and what you have seen for yourself, in regards to the professionalism
and quality of the work we do, you would make a decision.

If you decide to accept the proposal, we will begin work. If you decide you rather explore your options or not accept
the proposal, then please know that when you are ready we will be here to provide you the professional graphic
and web design services your business deserves.

Step 2 - Design Development

During this phase we develop a professional and unique design, based on the work outlined in the proposal.

Once we have a design that we feel meets your vision, we will send it to you, via email, for your review.

At this time, we will also send you a Word document that will be sub-divided into the various segments needed for the
content of your website. This will make it easier for you to develop and submit your content to us.

For Web Design

You will receive an email with the first design we feel meets your vision. The design will not be a working
website, but rather an image of what the home page will look like. If you do not approve the first design, we will create a second design.

Once you have selected the desired design, we can make minor changes to it, to ensure you are 100% content with the final design.

For Graphic Design

We may provide you with one, two or three designs, depending on the work being done, for your review and
approval in PDF format. Just like web design, once you select a design, we can make minor changes to it, to ensure
you are 100% content with the final design.

Step 3 - Content Implementation

Once you have selected and approved the final design, we will do the following:

For Web Design

Create the web pages based on the final design and start uploading the content provided you have provided to the web pages.

If you have a data-base driven or admin tool as part of the proposal, we would also develop it at this time, as well as any other
web site features, such as flash animation, video, etc. Once completed, we will send you a link to an actual working web site
that would be hosted on our servers for your review.

For Graphic Design

We will start implementing the content you have provided on the final layout. Once completed,
we will send you a PDF files of the final design for your review.

Step 4 - Final Review

Once you receive the work in its final format, you would review it, and provide us with any minor
changes needed to ensure you are 100% content.

Once the changes are done, if any, and you approve the design, then we are ready to deliver the final product.

Step 5 - Delivery

Prior to delivery of completed work, final payment is made for the work, based on the payment-agreement outlined in the proposal.

For Web Design

Your domain name (web address), and web hosting provider is prepared to receive your new website. In cases where we are replacing
an existing website, we will make a backup of its content prior to replacing it. Once everything is prepared the new site goes live.

For Graphic Design

The final work is emailed to you in the formats defined per the proposal.

Step 6 - The Relationship

Once the work is complete, our relationship doesn't end there. At EO we believe in building long lasting,
mutually beneficial business relationships with our clients.

So whether you will need us again next week, or next year, we will always be there for you, to provide you the
knowledge, and experience to further the growth of your business.

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