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Responsive design allows your website to be mobile friendly, no matter what device visitors may use to access it. It does this, by responding to the user's screen size to automatically rearrange its content, providing simple and easy navigation.

What are the Benefits of Responsive Design

One website to maintain
Responsive Design allows you to have one website that looks and works great on any screen size. You don't have to spend additional time, effort and money on maintaining two websites: one for mobile, one for desktop view.

Full content mobile website
One of the biggest issues with having two versions of your website, is due to budget and time constraints. The mobile version typically ends up having less content, and is updated less often than the desktop version. This results in visitors seeing different content on your website depending on what version they are viewing. Responsive Design solves this, because you are only dealing with one website. One website to maintain. One website to update its content.

How Responsive Design Helps Your Business

Increases your reach to mobile devices
Whether viewing your website from a mobile phone, tablet or desktop, a responsive website makes it easier for your target market to view your information, products and services.

Increases mobile search engine ranking
Recently Google changed its algorythm to rank mobile friendly websites higher than non-mobile friendly websites. If your website is not mobile friendly, it may have already been dropped in mobile ranking.

Cuts your costs by up to 50%
By having two versions of your website, a mobile and desktop version, you are spending double the time trying to keep both sites updated. With Responsive Design, you only have one website to maintain, therefore minimizing your cost by up to 50%.

Faster turn around time
Not only is it double the cost to maintain two versions of your website, but it is also double the time and effort. With Responsive Design, you only have one website to maintain, therefore the turn around time to implement changes is much shorter.

What EO Can Do For You

For new websites
We create professional, responsive websites that will minimize your cost, and maximize your return-on-investment. We do this, by ensuring your website is simple and easy to navigate, no matter what device your visitors use to access it.

For existing websites
We can review and analyze your website's structure to determine how simple or difficult it would be to apply Responsive Design. Based on our findings, we will provide you with recommendations and cost-effictive solutions that will ensure your website is mobile friendly.

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